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Customer Focused Process Innovation: Linking Strategic Intent to Everyday Execution is compilation of David Hamme’s thoughts and processes that he uses. The  related podcast and transcription can be found here  Fine Tuning Your Company Processes.

An excerpt from the discussion:

Joe: Why do think we need a process? I mean why do we need a process for innovation, why aren’t we, having that one brainstorming session and putting the post-it notes up and “Boom, let’s go try this.”

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ATD.ORG Article

In today’s business vernacular, process improvement efforts are aimed at refining the quality, cost, throughput, or scalability of work. However, limiting the role of processes to merely the foundation for efficiency efforts is a mistake.

Enterprise-wide processes are the unique way by which an enterprise delivers value for its customers. In essence, it is an enterprise’s secret sauce—the roadmap that directs employees on how to consistently deliver a specific product or customer experience. Every enterprise is a collection of processes that work together (and not uncommonly against each other) to produce the enterprise’s outputs.

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Process Excellence Network Article

Historically process work has focused upon improving the efficiency, cycle time, the quality, or the cost of a specific process. Many of these efforts translate into significant benefits. However there is another aspect of processes that is in rare use today with arguably even greater potential to enhance the fortune of an enterprise. That aspect is to use process management as the means to strategically position an enterprise.

Although not recognized as such, processes are the actualization of strategy. That is, they are the unique step-by-step manner by which an enterprise attempts to create valuable products for its customers on an everyday basis… Article

The holiday season means peak crowds for many businesses. Amid the rush, pay attention to each customer. Take every relationship to heart, even when the days seem long. “If you are doing a job and you are watching the clock and wishing you were someplace else, I think you are missing out on a fantastic opportunity,” David Hamme, author of “Customer Focused Process Innovation,” told IBD. Get to …

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How strategically agile is your company? If it changes direction with the maneuverability of an aircraft carrier, you are far from an outlier. Most companies struggle to take even the most brilliant ideas and translate them into market success.

Arguably the most common impediment to capitalizing on good strategy is the misalignment between the scope of a strategic initiative and the organization that supports its execution. In a nutshell, it comes down to scope…

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Article for Wired Innovation Insights

Although innovation may be linked to any facet of an enterprise, technology groups are often responsible for the delivery of most innovation endeavors. Just eavesdrop on any senior leadership team and you will invariably hear terms such as digital marketing, social platforms, or big data thrown about. All are heavily dependent on the execution of the technology team. With the deluge of requests from leaders across the enterprise and limited resources, Information Technology (IT) organizations cannot possibly meet every demand. So how should IT teams determine where to focus energy and resources?

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CMS Wire Article

When business leaders turn their focus toward processes, they often do so with an eye on becoming more efficient in how they handle payroll, manage finances or generate and distribute reports.

While it’s true that these routine tasks need to run smoothly, companies that look at processes solely as a way to improve the quality of a project or improve lead time, are missing a golden opportunity to positively affect the customer experience and spark innovation within their company.

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Article for ATD.ORG

In most companies, the greatest opportunities for growth and profit enhancement are not small, localized efforts, but rather large cross-functional initiatives. And therein lies the problem.

Executing even perfectly articulated strategies requires an inordinate amount of coordination and communication across teams led by different leaders. Often times, these leaders have conflicting priorities. Having experienced these challenges firsthand with multiple clients, I am now a convert of organizing resources via a process-based approach…

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Global Delivery Report Article

While many global organizations are trying to consolidate shared services and setting up global process offices to own end-to-end processes across business units, the role of the GPO often tends to be unclear.  Global process owners frequently find themselves driving change and directing all aspects of the process improvement across business units, without being given a clear formal authority and mandate across all functional and business units involved in the project. A study by Tungsten Network and sharedserviceslink shows that more than half of GPOs find themselves in situations where they do not have the authority to mandate change…

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