Launching and executing major change efforts is hard for any company. Often times it requires radically altering the current beliefs and structures existing in a company. A knowledgeable and experienced partner can not only make this endeavor less painful, but it can vastly increase the likelihood of the initiative delivering successful outcomes. Through Ephesus Consulting, we offer a partner willing to help you reexamine current improvement practices and rebuild them to more appropriately align with your customers, stakeholders, and mission.

Offered services include:

  • Process Analysis, Design, and Improvement
  • Strategic & Business Analysis & Planning
  • Program/ Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Executive Coaching


Introduction to Managing Consultants White Paper

Everyday companies and other enterprises around the globe cut big checks to consulting firms and contractors to help them improve their results. In spite of the vast sum of money spent on consulting, very few of these enterprises examine how they hire and manage their consulting partners.  Are they are getting the bang for their buck? Or do they even think about what they should be getting from their consulting partners?  It is not about penny pinching, it is about maximizing the value for every dollar spent.


David Hamme offers a collection of speeches to introduce his innovation approach and training courses to help clients make the leap from strategic laggard to innovative enterprise. Classes and workshops are based upon the award winning book, Customer Focused Process Innovation. From Hamme “Embedding the capability to innovate in your enterprise requires a continual process of reexamination, redesign, and execution.” Often times, conventional business practices are so entrenched that efforts to improve the status quo get bogged down before they even leave the starting gate. The answer is to challenge today’s norm – to inject new ideas and approaches into the operational practices of the company. To aid on this journey, David Hamme offers a collection of speaking and training courses to help you make the leap from strategically inept to strategic innovator.


Process Focused Innovation

This approximate one hour presentation fosters new thinking on how to dismantle outdated practices and replace them with approaches and tools more conducive to innovation. It all begins with the customer and how the enterprise’s products and services create enthusiasm and loyalty. From there, organizational structures and work performance are reevaluated and adjusted to deliver the desired customer experiences. The session concludes with a focus on connecting the strategic and operational focuses of the enterprise to the budgeting and portfolio management functions. This is an excellent introduction for business leaders and teams.

Implementing a Process Focused Approach

This one-day course takes the practitioner through the concepts of a process-focused approach including the four facets of innovation (customer focus, strategic planning, operational improvement, and initiative management). The attendees learn how to embed these principles into their everyday activities and build a transition plan for their department or organization. This course is intended for individuals engaged in the change activities of an enterprise including leaders, process practitioners, portfolio management organizations, strategic planning and continual improvement organizations, and technology teams.

Topics covered include:

·      Four Facets of Innovation
·      Process Management
·      Process Blueprinting
·      Initiative Management
·      Change Management

Running a Process Improvement Project

This one-day course covers the activities to build and execute an improvement initiative using the process tools and covered in Customer Focused Process Innovation. It starts with initiative development and proceeds through the staffing of team members to the brainstorming of solutions to testing inside a lab environment to the eventual implementation. This course is recommended for teams and individuals tasked with building or improving parts of an enterprise.

Topics covered include:

·      Initiative Development
·      The Role of the Sponsor and Initiative Owner
·      Staffing & Organizing a Process Improvement Effort
·      The Stages of a Process Improvement Initiative
·      Closing Down an Initiative and Transitioning to Business-As-Usual

Process Focused Innovation Deep Dive

This 3-day training program is intended to build innovation competency through an immersion in process based improvement activities. Attendees will learn through lecture and active participation in activities intended to expand their knowledge and provide them the tools to execute a process-based initiative in their own enterprise. Topics covered include:

·      Innovation
·      Building an innovative enterprise
·      Process Management
·      Process Mapping
·      Process Governance
·      Managing an Innovation Portfolio
·      Running a Process Improvement Project